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American exit from Afganistan exposes the world’s most powerful country

President Biden did what people have been imploring the US administration to do for last many years. End the war in Afganistan and bring back the troops. Obama expressed intent, Trump appeared to be hell bent and Biden is the one who actually did it.

It could not have gone more worse. American intelligence had predicted that after US exit Taliban will not be able to take over Afganistan for around 90 days. They have revised this estimate to 72 hours now. As hilarious it may sound it took less than 72 hours for Taliban to take over all the majors cities including capital Kabul, Afgan President ran off of some unknown location, US trained Afgan soldiers were no where to be seen and thousands of helpless people stormed the airport with the hope that they might be able to escape the Taliban.

Overall this withdrawal confirms that American defense establishment has been as useless as an asshole on elbow. American withdrawals was less of a withdrawal and more of an abject surrender of world’s largest and most powerful army before bunch of goat herders.

Now, while a lot of blame will be harped on President Biden, I think it is unfair as the war was already lost but the Pentagon and the Military Industrial Complex (MIC) had successfully managed the media to convey otherwise. The long drawn war had lost all the political mileage politicians could draw from it and instead it was a political liability.

If anything Biden must be congratulated for standing up to the MIC and ending this farce of a war.

Path ahead for Afganistan

While a lot of tears are shed for Afghans we must also remember that this country was pretty bad to begin with. It sheltered Osama Bin Laden and had become breeding ground for Islamic terrorism. It was no co-incident. Afghani society consistently supported most radical versions of Islam.

The reason why Afgan army tucked its tail and ran away without showing any resistance is because they simply had no real reason to fight as they knew that this was a lost battle already. There were no value differences between the government paid soldiers and Talibani fighters.

American betrayal of its allies.

As usual Americans can be relied upto to betray those who help her. American soldiers were aided by a large number of Afghani citizens who worked for them as interpreters and such. These people were promised asylum in USA. As of now American government has thrown the immigration law in their face and asking them to “follow the process”. Which as we all know would take decades or at least few years and that too if USA can hold an Embassy in Kabul.

Very likely we will see how these allies meet terrible fate in their own homeland.


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