We hope this site will end up becoming a huge repository of content related to Indic culture and Dharma. We intend to provide content in all Indian languages and in all formats. If you are a content creator please consider using this platform to promote your content. 

What is Indic ? 

Indic refers to the region, religion and culture that developed around the region of Sindhu river. We use the broad phrase of dharma to cover the religious identities such as Hinduism, Buddhism, Jainism, Sikhism and also atheism. But we do not want to limit ourselves to religious identities alone and also look at science, architecture, literature etc. coming from this region. Also, people of Indic background have spread all around the world. We also intend to help them connect with their roots and take the good parts of their legacy wherever they go. 

What do we do ? 

We publish original content, make available old content, do events, interviews among other things that will leave lasting impression on the world. 

Do we make money ? 

Our content is made available for free. We do not pay content creators nor charge for consumption. We however fully intend to monetize the content in future. 


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