Dismantling Hindutva
Communists and Far left “activists” with anti Hindu hatred.


The communist and leftwing academia in US university system has found some Indian communists and have decided to celebrate their hatred towards Hindus and their political unity via a conference that makes absolutely no two bones about their hatred for Hindus. We implore every Hindu in USA to write to the universities and express you displeasure.

We are providing some talking points.

  1. Emails of universities are here.
  2. DO NOT COPY PASTE any emails because this might marked as spam by spam filtering algorithms.
  3. Do not use third party services like Change.org to send your letters. They are useless.
  4. Be 100% civil in your writeup.
  5. Ensure your grammar is correct and there are no spelling mistakes.
  6. Provide your real name and address.


Start with yourself. 

I am a Hindu immigrant in USA and living here since last N years. As a super minority in this country I have been thankful to American society which has accepted me with open arms and offered me same rights as everyone else.

Express your displeasure in no uncertain terms. 

I would like to express my shock to see your university’s logo as a sponsor for “Dismantling Hindutva”. This conference and its write up is so hate filled that I have not seen anything similar in recent memory. The intro text of the conference claims that Hindus are using minority protections in USA ot cary a violent and discriminatory agenda. This somehow implores Americans to see all Hindus as suspects.

Explain why it hurts the university. 

  1. Your involvement in this university is already damaging your brand name and image among Hindus.
  2. Such biased conferences make Hindu students on campus feel unsafe and also makes non-Hindu students be suspicious of Hindu students.
  3. Hindus might be unfairly targeted by other groups.
  4. Your university is seen not as an open place to explore ideas but a biased institution rooted in far left ideologies.
  5. Might turn genuine smart students away from your campus.

Explain reasons. 

  1. Academic discussions should be open ended and you can not possibly jump to a conclusion even before the debate. The organizers of this conference I not “debating” Hindutva or what it means to Hindus but rather they have made up their minds about it.
  2. Most of the speakers at the conference appear to be associated with radical and in some cases violent political outfits such as Communist party of India Marxist and Lennist. I find it surprising that a communist party worker who has no academic background being giving platform to spew venom against other communities.
  3. There is absolutely no evidence what so ever that Hindus have any cohesive ideas of “HIndutva” and which has any global aspirations or ti is even discriminatory. On the contrary Indian Supreme court has declared Hindutva to be a cultural identity of all Hindus.
  4. India ruling party does not subscribe to Hindutva but their core and official philosophy is “Integral Humanism”. The conference organizers are incorrectly attributing Hindutva to India’s ruling party.
  5. India’s ruling party has not passed any anti non-Hindu laws in last 8 years on the contrary they have allocated record number of scholarships for minorities and have offered minority only subsidies to support Muslims and Christians in India.
  6. At any rate India’s politics is not a reflection of Hindus world over. Many Hindus in USA have not even visited India for many years let alone supported any political party. However the conference organizers somehow want to show all Hindus in bad light because they might support political powers that the conference organizers seem to hate.
  7. Creating a conference to discuss Hinduism on 9/11 anniversary is a big suspect too. What have Hindus got to do with 9/11 ?
  8. It has come to our attention that conference has MISUSED LOGOS of many universities. These universities later clarified that they were nor sponsors of this event.

Show stick: 

  • I want to assure you that Hindus world over will be carrying out outreach programs to spread more awareness about this hate conference.
  • We will reach out to all your donors and alumni to request them to followup this matter with you.
  • We will reach out to all Hindu students and prospective students to change their mind.
  • Hate conferences like this are not inclusive, spread fear among large population of super minorities and could end up making Hindus target of hate and violence on your campus.

Offer action items. 

  • We believe you have constitutionally protected first amendment right to free speech and it also includes spreading hate. However we would like to know if you are indeed supporting/sponsoring this conference. Right to free speech does not mean other folks can not retaliate through other legally acceptable actions.
  • If you are not supporting this even please issue a statement and ask the conference organizers to stop using your logo on their website. Please consider taking legal action for the damage this has done to your brand.
  • Please tell us what you are doing to keep Hindu students safe on your campus.


We thank you for reading this email and hope you will take action and uphold the American values of treating everyone equally irrespective of their background.



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