Do not study in USA

In USA University education is extremely vast and much less regulated. Universities often struggle to get more students. Over years these universities have managed to convince a lot of Indian students to move to USA for their ‘MS’. A lot of false promises are made and the real bad impact this can have on the careers of Indian students is deliberately hidden away.

If you are a young student contemplating moving to USA for studies make sure you know the following 5 facts which the universities won’t tell you, US government will not tell your neither India’s popular media might tell you.

American law does not allow new Indian students to become citizens. 

As a student you must remember that you are not allowed by law to become a citizen in USA anymore. The first step towards US citizenship is “green card”. While American government is happy to take your/your employers money to sponsor you for a greencard and even approve it, it asks Indians to “wait” to receive their greencard. For students who will enter USA today this wait is for around 200 years. Yes. This is not a typo.

Also, US government of both the parties have defended this delay as “fair” and they will ask you to go back if you don’t like it. However this is something they will not tell you when to come to USA as student.

Also, this is only for Indian students. A Pakistani student does not have to wait for his green card.

Cato Institute of USA is a very reputed think tank in USA. They have written extensively about this racism against Indians here.

American work visa H1B is a terrible visa and subject to constant changes.

When you enter USA as student on F1, you can not work after your graduation and OPT period. While a Pakistani student might just get his greencard you are forced to go for a “slave visa” called H1B. Under this visa it is hard to change employers, get promoted to better positions, start your own company or even leave USA and enter back.

Laws and rules around this visa change frequently and other Americans will treat you badly because you are on this visa. If you want to know what large number of Americans will think of you and how they will treat you see this news coverage in this pro-trump media. 

Note that this problem and hate is only reserved for Indians as say a Pakistani or Nepali will get their greencard and wont have to go on an H1B visa.

Note: This visa processing ,renewal etc. can take years. Meanwhile you are stuck without ability to leave USA to visit your parents. As of today H1B visa approval can take around 12 months.

Indians on H1B visa will be subject of hatred and racist treatment. 

If you are on H1B visa which is often referred to as “slave visa”, you have no legal rights as such and it is important that you keep everyone happy. People can complain over minor issues and your visa will be cancelled later. Your employer might force you to take a pay cut or refuse to renew your visa. Your white co-workers or other folks who got their greencards etc. will treat you as shit at workplace and you wont be able to quit.

Some Indians have also been subject of hate crimes.

What happens if you are on H1B and your spouse is on H4 but some mindless guy kills you ? Your wife loses her H4 status the moment you die and she becomes an illegal immigrant. She might get deported to India before your body is cremated.

Note: If you think this is inhuman, remember that American politicians from both parties have been vocal supporter of such laws. Senator Durbin, a very major Democratic Senator has made fun of Indians who have been trying to work with him for reforming this system.

Indians are overwhelmingly shunning USA and moving to Canada and other countries instead. 

The racial hatred and racist treatment of Indians in USA has reached such epic proportions that there are companies whose only job is to move Indian H1B holders to Canada. In fact thousands of Indians are moving to Canada and they have made regions like Toronto one of the best tech hubs in the world.

Without Congressional action, the total backlog for all three employment-based categories for Indians would increase from an estimated 9,15,497 individuals currently to an estimated 21,95,795 individuals by fiscal 2030, executive director of National Foundation for American Policy Stuart Anderson said.

“We should let that number sink in: Within a decade, more than 2 million people will be waiting in line for years or even decades for employment-based green cards,” he submitted in his testimony before the House Judiciary Committee-Subcommittee on Immigration and Citizenship.

Testifying before the panel on “Oh, Canada! How Outdated U.S. Immigration Policies Push Top Talent to Other Countries,” Mr. Anderson said that highly skilled foreign nationals, including international students, are choosing Canada over America. [Source]

Other countries are simply better and have a more modern immigration system.

Other countries such as Australia, Canada, UK, Germany have upgraded their immigration system where as USA is running an immigration system which was created in 1960s. In 1960s USA created the immigration with the goal of keeping non white people out of country. This is why they created special legal provisions that would prevent Indians and Chinese coming to USA.

It is much better to move to Canada or UK rather than USA today as you might actually get treated better there and end up getting their citizenship rather than treated as “parasite” in USA.

As an Indian students researching US opportunities how can I educated myself better ?

 The best is to turn to twitter. Search for terms like “S386”, “Backlog”, “H1B” and you will get ample of first hand information about the issues discussed above. You will also encounter Indian immigrants who can directly answer your questions.


  1. Thank you for writing this article. I will ask my university representative about per country caps and how they might impact me when I enroll there.

    1. Your university can’t do anything about this. They keep sending an open letter to the President just like companies, but unfortunately that’s all they can do.

      I would highly discourage in coming to the US for higher studies, unless you are “born” in any country except India. Note: I said “born” not “citizen”.

      An Indian Immigrant who will probably die before he gets US citizenship

  2. Thank goodness! I wanted to enroll in MS in Information Systems from one of the decent universities in the US, but now I look towards UK or Australia!

  3. Hi,

    I recently attended a seminar where an agency told us that after completing our masters in USA we get work visa called OPT, this visa can be used to start business and work anywhere and once OPT is over we can apply for green card and H1B. The agency did not tell us that Indians are treated any differently than others. Is this article authentic ? Can other readers confirm ?

    1. Yes, this article is authentic. Google for S386 crsreports, which will get you a govt. body research link that has some hidden details in page 10 that Indians wait time for GC is >195 years (Here it is: So, essentially – ONLY Indian students are forced to get into H1B and be deported over the time while all other country students who will be doing masters and PhD are being give red carpet to become permanent residents (GC holders) within no time and become U.S citizens in 5 years after that.

  4. Absolutely really for studying in USA is now not advisable.Bcoz lots of money spending on education and not getting green card at least

  5. The problem is the 7% cap per country, not any specific racial restriction on Indians.
    India is too populous and sends a whole bunch of students to india.
    As for racism, ask yourselves, how do Indians treat Africans in india? How do they treat Dalits?
    Karma can go both ways.

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