US Immigration system cheats Indians

David Bier at Cato Institute perhaps is one of the most knowledgable people in USA about US immigration system. See what he says here.

He is saying this in response to the story of Karthik. Now Karthik if born in Pakistan, Sri Lanka or say Botswana would not be in this situation. If Karthik had crossed the border illegally this would not have mattered.

Karthik is being treated so badly in USA by the immigration authorities because he was born in India and his parents are subject to what is called “per country caps”. In 1965 US immigration law determined that Indians and Chinese people were “undesirables” in the country. To control their inflow they came up with a concept of “country caps”. Each country gets exactly the same cap but the larger countries are disproportionately impacted.

Karthik is being treated as shit here because of his country of birth despite being a law obedient immigrant who followed all laws. US Immigration system wants Indian student’s money but not the students.

Notice how his biometric appointment was mysteriously lost in mail. This is no accident and thousands of Indian immigrants report such lapses by USCIS, an organization responsible for ensuring that “undesirables” like Karthik are kept out after their money is taken from them.

Note that no US university or consulate will tell you about this. Your Pakistani classmates will make fun of you as even after 20 years in USA you will still be at the mercy at a high school dropout USCIS agent mailing the right letter at right time.

While my sympathies are with Karthik, I would like to remind you “DONT BE A KARTHIK”.

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