In the post-covid world, reducing dependence on China has become an objective for most large countries. China’s overall unaccountable behavior Chinese, subsequence supply chain issues made the western world realize that they should not be as dependent on China.

American companies rightly decided to move a lot of operations back to USA. With more modern manufacturing technologies, automation and higher Chinese wages, it is finally possible for Americans to manufacture a lot of stuff either at home or with the help of better allies such as India or Mexico.

How labour shortage is hurting American manufacturing.

TSMC, the world’s largest contract manufacturer for chips, has postponed the date of move-in at its Arizona plant due to construction delays. The Taiwanese chip-making major had initially planned to start moving in chip production equipment by around September this year, but the company has told suppliers that this will be pushed back to around February or March of 2023, several people with knowledge of the matter were quoted as saying in a report by Nikkei Asia. The deferral was mainly due to labor shortage and the on-and-off surge of COVID-19 infections in the US, the people said. Complicated processes for obtaining the different types of licenses needed for construction was another factor, the report added. [source]

The labour shortages are partly due to immigration restrictions and more specifically restrictions on Indians and Chinese born people.

As this website has repeatedly pointed out that the immigration law of USA was specifically designed to keep the “undesirable” Indians and Chinese out by putting a 7% cap of green cards that may be given to people born in these two countries.

As of today this has become a major bottleneck for Indian immigration to USA making Indians wait for over 150 years for their green cards. Remember that this not only prevents the current Indians from getting their citizenship it prevents them from sponsoring their family such as brothers and parents from coming to USA. This further erodes the possibility of bringing high quality human capital into the country.

Not only that USA is actively trying to get rid of younger Indian children who have studied in USA out of the country for no reason other than that they are actually legally present in USA and born in India. If the same students had entered USA illegally they would qualify for DACA and could stay in the country. These children call themselves document dreamers and have been petitioning Democrats and Republicans to pass laws that would provide them relief. Both parties have refused to help them.

As more and more Indians educate themselves about this sort of racism that US Congress is carefully subjecting them to, they are moving to other countries which are more welcoming and more predictable.

It’s no wonder, then, that we’re losing both professionals and international students to CanadaAustralia and the U.K., all of which have friendlier foreign worker policies. I have heard of an Indian native in Atlanta whose artificial intelligence company can create up to 7,000 jobs over the next decade. But after waiting in the green card backlog for 10 years, he’s now considering moving the company (and the jobs he’s creating) to Canada.  [Source]

The populist nativists in both parties are evil of both worlds.

Both Democratic and Republican parties including Trump and Biden administration have exactly same position on many of these issues. That position is of “not doing anything”, in many cases they deliberately cause inefficiencies and put incompetent people in charge who can not even process basic forms and applications. This denies Indian immigrants even the most basic immigration benefits that are otherwise ensured under law.

If the US Federal government decides to not obey law, there is very little an immigrant could do other than blaming their own bad luck for setting foot in this country in first place.

The American economy suffers and American dependance on their adversary China grows day by day. 

How the nativists of both parties try to join hands against Indians in USA.

Senator Hagerty of of TN is a Trumpist Republican. In a bitterly fought primary he defeated an Indian-American doctor who served TN community for many years. Hagerty won because he was very close to Trump, in fact Trump had initially appointed him as Envoy to Japan.

Understandably Hagerty is one of the most anti-Indian Senator in US Congress today, probably second only to Senator Dick Durbin of IL. When the build back better bill by Biden had some provisions that might have simplified some aspects of immigration in ways that could benefit Indian immigrants already in USA, Hagerty went on a massive misinformation campaign.

Senator Hagerty found common ground with communist Senator Bernie Sanders and wrote a lengthy love letter of sorts ask Bernie to block the BBB bill because it might benefit Indian Americans.

Sen. Bill Hagerty of Tennesse penned a letter to Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders on Monday urging him to oppose the green card provisions, which the Republican calls “the crown jewel of corporate lobbying,” that are stuffed into the “Build Back Better” reconciliation bill.

“No corporate lobby has more consistently and vociferously lobbied for these uncapped foreign worker programs than the technology giants in Silicon Valley,” Hagerty wrote. “These provisions are of, by, and for Big Tech, and the mutli-multi-billionaires of Big Tech stand to benefit from them the most. Their effect will be to make Big Tech more powerful and unaccountable and to concentrate even more power in hands of fewer people.” [Source]

Senator Hagerty was lying from his teeth here. He knew that Bernie hates Indian immigrants too. The words like “tech billionaires” were basically euphemisms for brown Indian immigrants who work in high tech and make decent money while contributing to American economy.

TN is somewhat special in this case because Sen. Hagerty and Sen. Blackburn both have very consistently engaged in racist rhetoric against Asians in their own community.

The nativist GOP is Big Government GOP. Democrats have always been Big government folks.

A deep hatred for immigrants have helped Democrats and Republicans find a common ground that damages USA. National Review a hardcore conservative media outlet had this piece that dissect GOP’s support for heavy handed regulation and traces it to racism.

Rubio suggested that “the most important thing an economy does for a country is create stable, good-paying jobs so that people can start families, get involved in their communities, and retire with dignity. And so,” he continued, “the question becomes: What can we do at the federal level to encourage that kind of economy?”

Smart readers will immediately notice that this precisely the nonsense someone like Senator Bernie Sanders keeps talking about. It sounds reasonable but is completely false. Americans are already having the best jobs they ever had, earning the most and living the most comfortable lives ever lived by any other human race any point in time.

What Senator Rubio implies here is that the “anti-immigrant” stand GOP takes is in some way related to creating jobs for American white people.


With such lies both the parties are hurting American recovery and helping China keep America and Europe dependent on itself. Racist and nativists politicians in USA belong in both parties and they are damaging their own national security and its economy in the pursuit of their racist objectives.

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