USA is world’s largest and most innovative economy and has benefited immensely from Indian immigrants. However looks like this country is not a hospitable place for brown Indians anymore. Here are 5 reasons why STEM students should look elsewhere.

Reason 1: New Indian immigrants will never get US Citizenship

Any student who arrives in USA is banned from gettin US citizenship through common routes such as employment. This is because of an old law that puts a cap on how many Indians can get American permanent residence each year. Right now there are far too many Indian immigrants waiting in a 150 year long queue than the available number of green cards for Indians.

This issue impacts only Indians and does not impact say Pakistani or Nepali citizens. So if you are an Indian student you better go elsewhere.

Reason 2: American immigration system is too complex, racist and constantly changing. 

USA might be a first world nation but the US Federal government would put many third world countries to shame in terms of inefficiency and sheer incompetence. Even among the federal agencies, USCIS, the agency overseeing immigration issues is easily worse than any government agency you might have dealt with even in India.

USCIS delays are not measured in months but in years. They rely on papers and are unaware of modern technologies like internet. They also operate through agents who are unaccountable and act often without knowing their own rules and laws.

There are also accusations that USCIS deliberately treats Indian immigrants differently and worse.

In year 2021 USCIS has wasted around 80,000 green cards which would have helped those many Indian immigrants. They wasted it out of sheer incompetence.


Reason 3: US Immigration system hates family members of Indian immigrants even when they obey all laws. 

What happens if you are a legal Indian immigrant in USA on H1B and let us say you die ? Your family gets deported before your body get cremated.

Several dozen folks have died in this manner. So much that people have created spreadsheets and gofundme to help these victims of US immigration.

Your spouse will not be allowed to work and when she/he qualified USCIS will not process them in time so they will have to resign from their well earned job.


Reason 4: Despite coming legally and patiently navigating through the legal immigration system, you will be called a job stealer or a parasite. 

Even if you go to an Ivy league school and work for the greatest companies you will languish in the green card backlog and will be treated as shit.

Reason 5: Politicians from both parties hate Indians from the depth of their heart. 

Senator Dick Durbin of Illinois is from the Democratic party that pretends to be pro-immigrant but in reality hates Indians. Dick Durbin is so racist towards Indians that Indian immigrants actually have a website called DurbinIsRacist.com.

Here is one of the white racist conservative journalist implying that Trump’s account was banned by an Indian on H1B.

Indians on H1B have been attacked in past and also killed by white supremacists.


If you are a STEM student contemplating coming to USA. PLEASE DONT. Do not trust us, ask twitter.

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