USCIS Director Jaddou might be one of the most incompetent directors we might have seen leading the basket case of this agency. I am leaving out Ken Cucinelli because he was illegally appointed otherwise he would have gotten that dishonor.

USCIS Director every now and then engages in virtue signaling about her immigration heritage and the usual liberal talking points about race or gender and other issues. But when it comes to action, her agency actions are full of racism.

For example during the black history month the agency could have talked about the racist roots of USCIS and how per country caps is a racist stratagem that impacts USCIS and its work. Instead she chose to engage in virtue signaling.

Of course she is not alone. This clue less journalist at thehill also wrote a length article about racism in immigration system without even making a mention of per country caps and its massive impact on brown Indians who are a minority in this country.

Many noncitizens within and seeking to come to the United States are people of color from the developing world who are directly affected by the comprehensive federal immigration law. That law employs the terms “alien” to legitimize harsh treatment. Those deemed as aliens are subject to discrimination that never could be lawful with respect to U.S. citizens, including detention and removal from the country. A report submitted by the ABA Commission on Immigration in support of the resolution offers many examples of how immigrants of color have been injured by racial bias in enforcement.

Passed by Congress in 1924, the discriminatory national origins quotas system, which remained in place until 1965, favored immigration from Northern Europe and greatly restricted the migration of people of color to the United States.  [Source]

The article fails to mention that the national origin quota were not removed but moved to the green card step and were changed to impact Indians and Chinese. The article fails to mention that there are million plus Indians in the country already struggling to fight this injustice.

Leon Fresco called them out here :

This is what systemic racism looks like :

Note how Texas and Nebraska service centers have simply stopped working and no one knows why. Even USCIS head office is not aware why such delays exist.

USCIS is corrupt

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