Don Heflin is a Minister Counselor for Consular Affairs of American consulate in India. He is the person responsible for anti-immigrant policies in US consulates in India. The policies which force Indians to not be able to get back to their lives in USA despite having all the necessary documentation etc. just because Don has put in place policies that make it impossible to get your passport stamped at the consulate.

Don is a classic case of power gone to head. In his so called Facebook live QnA sessions he appears full of arrogance and making claims that are not just nonsensical but totally against the American law.

“To do well in our student visa interviews, give us a minute and a half elevator pitch. Kind of similar to Shark Tank. Tell us why this school makes sense for you.” – Don Heflin

This is absolutely false. There is nothing in American law that turns consulates into some kind of reality show. The student has no need to prove why the college makes sense to student’s life. They only have to prove that they are genuinely students and they intend to come back after their education. There is no need for the student to justify why they need to go to the specific school or program. This is something Don has pulled from his own backside.

US Consulate has not clarified why returning immigrants need a dropbox appointment to get a routine stamp.

The entire dropbox process was to make life simple for the Indians who are victims of racist per country greencard quota. Now that Don has forced them to get an “appointment” to get the dropbox step done AND there are no appointments these people can not travel back to USA.

This is effectively Indian ban that US Consulate has implemented in India. It is not clear why they have done this other than pure racism and sheer caprice.

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