Do not Study in USA

We have consistently spread awareness about why Indian students should not come to USA for education. We are very glad that our posts have seen enough traction online and we have received lots of emails and comments.

We are not the only folks who have been warning Indian students about the the racism they will face if they come to USA on student visa. There are many people spreading this message about how USCIS, DHS and Department of State are racially targeting Indian immigrants in USA.

So much that US government enacted policies which forced Indian parents to abandon their plans to visit their children’s graduation ceremonies.

All this has ensured a steady decline in the number of Indian students coming to USA.

The number of Indian students opting for Master’s and Engineering programs in the US dropped by nearly 40% between 2016 and 2019, while the overall number of Indian students in Canadian colleges and universities increased by 182% over the same period, according to new research by the National Foundation for American Policy. The number of students in Canada is across all colleges and universities. [Source]

American universities in collusion with US government has engaged in massive propaganda in India promoting their education programs while hiding the key facts about the racist treatment Indians students will be greeted with.

  1. US Consulates do not tell upfront about “per country caps” to the students and the fact that Indians will never get their green card no matter what they do.
  2. US Consulates hide the fact that F1 visa is a non immigrant visa and students are explicitly required to leave USA after the degree program.
  3. US consulates do not tell Indian students that they have stopped processing nearly all other visas for Indians and the backlogs for many of the visas is in years. For example your parents might not be able to visit you in USA at all.

Do not Study in USA

Using an India baiter standup comedian born in South Africa to promote US Education among Indians ? Isn’t that suspicious ? Yes. It is. 

Kaneez Surka was born in South Africa which means she is not impacted by per country greencard caps that Indians have to suffer through. Kaneez Surka and Sita Yadav both enroll in US education in year 2022. By year 2026 Kaneez will have her green card and by 2031 she will have her citizenship. Sita Yadav on other hand will be treated as shit by US consulates. After her F1 she will have to move on to H1 if she gets lucky in the lottery and then US Consulates will tell her there are no appointments for H1B processing and she will have to wait patiently for months and years to get it stamped. Green card ? Citizenship ? Sita wont get it at all unless he manages to marry an American citizens.

Does US Consulate inform Indian students about this ? NO. 

US consulates are in cahoots with the universities in USA who want your money but not you. They hate you and everything about about you but want your money. Hence they promote this nonsensical F1 visa.

Avoid studying in USA

Not to mention the racism Indian students have to face on the campus itself with the far left and far right both harassing Indian students.

In above video an Indian student is being choked by a white kid. One of them got 3 days of suspension and another got 1 day of suspension. Can you guess who was suspended for three days ? You will be wrong. The victim, Indian student was given three days of suspension.

If you are an Indian coming to USA today you will have to spend rest of your life on a visa, if your kid gets bullied like this in an American school you will have to keep you mouth shut an suffer as an immigrant you have to worry more about your status rather than justice.

Note, that the same US administration works very fast if the immigrants are white in skin color.

Avoid studying in USAUkrainian immigrants get fastracked over brown immigrants

Not only US Consulates and USCIS treat Indian immigrants as shit, they secretly conspire to prioritize white people for all immigration benefits. Even illegal immigrants get higher priority while Indians are marked as the lowest priority despite being legal and having paid higher fees.

racism at uscis



If you are planning to study in USA please change your mind. If you have any questions leave a comment and I will connect you with Indian students who have already suffered through this racism who can answer your questions directly.

If you are already enrolled in US universities, not a problem, instead of H1B think of moving to Canada instead. Working with American companies many of whom have opened offices specifically for folks like you in Canada.

More importantly call out the American propaganda on social media.

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