USCIS and Border Patrol are two cancers of American immigration system. Both agencies have long lost the purpose of their existence and instead have become festering wounds on the body of the nation constantly sucking life force of the every person they seem to touch.

Border Patrol is full of immigrant haters who have engaged in unspeakable crimes against the very people they are supposed to protect. Border Patrol isn’t a military force in charge of dealing with invading army. They are meant to guard the border and deal with all the travelers within the bounds of law. Instead these people see themselves as some kind of secret society meant to hurt the immigrants, legal and otherwise.

But the more vile among them, the more white collar agency is USCIS. Allegedly it stands of United States Citizenship and Immigration Services. But its primary purpose is to NOT provide people timely citizenship and immigration. The service aspect is also complete misnomer as the agency is known for extra ordinary delays. We are talking about delays that span years.

Now, understand this. USCIS has been sitting on some applications for more than year and half. It has failed to process them. Now it claims by paying more money you can speed it up. If this is not blackmail I am not sure what is.

In India often when you submit some paperwork to the government the corrupt babu will simply sit on it and refuse to process it until you provide a bribe. This is exactly that, instead of timely processing files in reasonable period of time, this organization is demanding more money to process the same application faster.

This is evil. But it is also extremely dangerous path for the agency. This means agency will like to delay all applications as long as possible and then come up with “premium” services with higher money. This creates an incentive structure to create deliberate delays to extort more money from the helpless immigrants who depend on the “service” of this agency.

USCIS Director Ur Jaddou has been a disappointment so far and has spent more time in PR than actual improvements in processes.

Even the AILA leeches and lawyers are pissed off against Ur Jaddou and her complete failure to handle this agency.


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