Indian students should refuse quad fellowship
Indian students should refuse quad fellowship

Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is one of the biggest unjust war in recent history. The second is Iraq war but at least we know that Saddam was indeed a cruel dictator and USA did not occupy Iraq. Ukraine was a liberal democracy with bigger aspirations. It had clear borders and territorial guarantees from Russia itself.

In this unjust war western world mostly stands alone. Germany and France appear to be two corrupt nations who have ignored their own national interest consistently and a lot of their politicians appear to be in Russian pockets. A confused green policy made them too dependent on Russian gas and oil.

As of today USA and Europe have tried a lot to convince India to denounce Russian aggression. It is also a morally right thing to do. But India has steadfastly refused citing its own dependence on Russian defense products.

Normally, in these situations Indian-Americans would play a big role in ensuring India and USA take positions that are mutually beneficial. But Indian-American community has maintained a silence.

One of reason for this silence is the lived experience of Indian immigrants that US federal government treats them as human garbage. They are deprioritized, they are denied fair treatment under law and actively discriminated against by USCIS and other federal agencies. Such people develop resentment against American system and institutions and would be glad to see their collapse.

It is interesting that out of million plus Indian-Americans not one tried to create noise about protecting American interests in India.

When the marxist house rep. Ro Khanna tried to shame India, the fellow Indian Americans shamed him instead.

Ro Khanna shamed by Indians

India-USA partnership could have had their golden moments under Modi-Biden. India needs USA lot more than USA needs India. India needs American help to counter China in Indo-Pacific and in Kashmir, USA needs India as an alternative to manufacturing and trade hub, possible defense partner. If there is a WW3 Indian manpower is going to play crucial role.

Despite of all this India-Americans themselves appear completely uninterested in improving these relationships or denouncing Russia. Some even are cheering for Russia despite knowing how immoral is Russian position.

All the four nations under QUAD decided to provide QUAD fellowship. Guess which country will refuse green cards to which country ? Thats right. Indians studying in USA will be made to wait decades but not the Japanese or Australians. That is the reality of QUAD fellowship.

Indian students should refuse quad fellowship
Indian students should refuse quad fellowship

USCIS’s racism shows as to how it secretly prioritized Ukrainians within weeks by bending all rules while deliberately keeping Indians in years long queues. 

USCIS bent rules for Ukrainians while harassed Indians
USCIS bent rules for Ukrainians while harassed Indians

Check how Ur Jaddou’s agency bent over backwards for blue eyed blonde Ukrainians processing over 15,000 within a mere month by bending all rules. It processed less 350 Afghans in 8 months. Over 100,000 Indian legal immigrants have their all sort of applications languishing in the USCIS cave for years now.

USCIS is merely “attempting” to ensure green cards do not go waste for Indians who are waiting for it for decades.

All this eventually contributes to Indian immigrants laboring deep hatred for US federal government, everything it says and does and it will have long term consequences. It will tear apart the racial fabric of this country as well as the Indians will eventually acquire positions of power and influence and will remember this treatment.



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