Note: I am not naming and shaming the groups and individuals here. I will leave it to the individual readers to figure out who are these groups and who are these individuals.

The late 19th century saw an increase in migration of Asian immigrants, including Hindus and Sikhs from the Indian subcontinent. Many of the immigrants worked as low-wage laborers in the Pacific Northwest.
In response to the increased use of Asian labor, a group of 67 labor unions organized the Japanese and Korean Exclusion League on May 14, 1905. The League began to actively lobby to ban all further Asian immigration to the United States. The League soon expanded its focus and renamed itself the Asiatic Exclusion League.

On September 5, 1907, led by the Asiatic Exclusion League, a mob in Bellingham, Washington drove more than one hundred Asian Indian immigrants from the city. None of the perpetrators of the mob attack were prosecuted. Newspapers of the day celebrated the removal of the “Hindus” from Washington. Similar attacks followed in other northwestern cities, including Everett and Vancouver.

As the result of these attacks, virtually all the Hindu and Sikh population of the Pacific Northwest were driven out. [source]

When these Indian-Americans were driven out whom did it hurt ? It hurt Indian-Americans but is also hurt USA due to lack of labor, smarts, culture and entrepreneurship of these people. If you are an enemy of USA you would want more such “exclusion leagues” who drive out some group at a time until only morons are left.

Troy was not destroyed by an external aggression. It was destroyed by few insiders who out of their stupidity brought the horse inside the walls of the great city. Rest as they say is history.

USA is a mighty nation. Despite is flaws it is formidable. It can not be destroyed by others. The only way this empire crumbles if it is destroyed from within. Enemies of USA need a trojan horse that some morons in USA will voluntarily bring inside. Some of those trojans are already inside.

Why would an Iranian group from Iran create fake profiles supporting the nativists in USA opposing immigration and specifically Indians ?

It is not just Iranians. As we dig deeper we find that many anti-immigrant and ‘we are pro white people’s jobs” groups are actually funded and run by Pakistanis, Bangladeshis and other radical Islamic groups. Not just Islamic groups but also they have links with China’s CCP.

How do you spot these Islamic groups pretending to represent white people in USA ? Very simple. Anti-Semitism. The same group, their people and their social media handles will be full of anti-Jewish hatred.

This is weird. Because Jews are totally irrelevant to the immigration debate in USA and yet like a snake that bites out of habit, all their social media handles will be filled with hatred for this global minority.

Why enemies of USA see immigration as a danger ?

As famous conservative-libertarian thinker PJ O’Rourke said, Americans are subject of both admiration and envy at the same time. You can go to any country on earth including China, Russia and Iran, you will notice that American hate in these societies will be seen in their newspapers, government propaganda etc. and yet, the American consulates there will have long lines of people willing to move to USA for good.

USA historically has attracted best minds from all over the world. China, Russia and Iran included. One of USA’s first commercial nuclear reactor was designed by an Iranian chemist at General Atomic. People like Gary Kasparov today are the most vocal critics of Russian tyranny and live in USA.

Immigration is USA’s greatest weapon ever against its most formidable enemies. Civilizational battles are not won always on battlefield but rather in universities, factories and stock markets. Rich, thriving, forward looking societies eventually surpass the weak, poor, regressive societies by such a margin that it is not even a contest.

One good example of this is Pakistan. India-Pakistan were considered rivals. Over years Indian economy did exceptionally better, developed excellent human capital where as Pakistan became a regressive society. Today they are not rivals. Pakistan is a mere neighborhood nuisance for India.  This was achieved by India’s human capital and not just defense spending.

One of the components of India’s growth in human capital was immigration. Indians moved to developed countries and learned different skills. Some people returned and helped grow industries in India. This exchange of people helped India get better. Today India has a thriving tech industry, strong global image and connections spread across the developed world which helps them in every possible way. Pakistan correctly sees this as a threat and is busy defaming India everywhere around the world.


Enemies of USA are using following trojans : Media, Trump Supporters and Academia.

The three low IQ groups in USA who will bring the enemies into the heart of the empire are media, trump supporters and academia.

Check how New York Times reports that India was created by partitioning Pakistan.


Here is BBC reporting “asian sex grooming gangs”


Who are these Asian men in London who are sexually abusing minor white girls ? Some Chinese ? Vietnamese ? No. They are all Pakistanis or closely related to Pakistan and its sphere of stink.

In USA Asians often refer to Chinese and far East Asian countries. These groups are pretty strong and hence Pakistan mouthpieces are unable to mischaracterize the word “asian” hence they have opted for the ridiculous and deeply racist phrase “south asian”.

Pakistan, Afganistan, Iran etc. want to use the good will Indians have earned around the world without being qualified for the same and with their media and academia partners they engage in a propaganda such as “Yoga is South Asian”, “South Asian Dominance in Tech” somehow falsely implying that Pakistan or Iran have anything to do with these things remotely. They don’t. Indians should NEVER SUPPORT OR FUND ANYTHING THAT HAS SOUTH ASIAN IN IT.

There are plenty of “south asian” immigration groups in USA. None of them have supported the cause of Indian immigrants and instead have only sabotaged our causes all the while, ignorant and foolish Indians donating money to these groups.

Trump supporters are the easiest of all trojans.

Note how Putin funded pro-environmentalism groups in Europe to destroy Europe’s energy independence. Similarly foreign players have long been suspected of supporting the nativists groups in USA, feeding into their psychotic behavior and tendencies of believe in crazy conspiracy theories.


A lot of us tech worker representative groups in USA are actually run by non white immigrants from some of the suspect nations. Sometimes they will have a local individual as a front but their handlers are non Americans and definitely not from the conservative crowd.

Many of these anti-USA groups often pretend to be Trump supporters or similar nativist flavor to get attention from Trump’s bumpkin supporters. They also succeed in doing so pretty often. But how do you figure out that these are not real conservatives but India haters ? Their hatred for India goes far beyond just the immigration issue. While average Trump voters can not figure out where is India on map, these anti-India anti-USA groups will often bring up niche political topics from India into the debate.

Academic enemies of USA

This is the most dangerous crowd. It is not secret that American academicians are now a days openly anti-USA, anti-capitalism and hardcore marxists. They have often aligned with radical Islam as well to shit on their own country. When these people oppose Indian immigrants you must know that their heart is not looking out for the interests of USA but rather their intent is to damage USA.

One of the biggest and most dangerous tentacle of this cancerous predator is an organization that has the world ‘equality’ in it and is trying to get a foothold in American corporations.

On their website they mention they want to fight “casteism and islamophobia”. Pretty weird combination if you ask me. It must be correctly read as “demonizing Hindus/Indians and promoting radical Islam” at workplaces.

They have used some useful idiots from Indian community to file fake lawsuites around caste and have tried to pass legislations around caste to paint every Hindu as a suspect. Any hindu who succeeds in USA must be seen at par with some kind of white slave owner is what they want to imbibe on rest of the society.

This is a hate filled organization exists for ONE GOAL, demonizing Indians in USA. Who is funding them ? I know but I will not reveal it here. I leave it to you folks. If this organization or anyone remotely related to this organization shows up at your workplace PLEASE KEEP THEM AT BAY.

They might try to pretend that they only hate “this caste” over others. But in reality their hatred is not limited to just that group but rather expands to all Indians including Indian-Muslims.


Amy Wax specifically singles out two minorities from India, or rather intersection of those. Brahmin woman. Why single out this minority of minority for your hate Prof Wax?

Other than academics the other set of trojans are the pseudo professionals like the now famous Melinda Byerley.

People like Amy Wax, for example might be driven by some kind of racial superiority. But they are being used by enemies of USA to drive wedge between different kind of people.

On 9/11 2021, some academics in USA along with some communist party of India members tried to organize a conference titled “Dismantling Hindutva” in Seattle. This was probably one of the most overt display of anti-Hindu anti-Indian hatred displayed by Marxist academics of USA and communists. The panel included some of the whose who of “south asian” pseudo experts, well known marxists profs of unemployable disciplines and some politicians. This hate festival was a big flop and it was also revealed that these hate fest people lied about various university participation.

Hatred for Indians is a bipartisan agenda. America’s enemies are also bipartisan.

Folks involved advocacy know that deep hatred Democratic politicians like Senator Durbin has for Indians. We also know that right wing Senators like Rand Paul, Chuck Grassley or Tom Cotton too are anti-Indian. Some of the Trumpists like Hagerty too can be added to that list.

How is it that this is a bipartisan issue ? That is because America’s enemies don’t care about political affiliation. Their objective is downfall of USA and they know that immigration is one of the big reasons why it wont happen. In order to cause America’s downfall they need to turn USA into a closed, authoritarian state like Russia that chases idiotic goals like social justice or American greatness.

That is why these enemies have worked closely with all groups across both political sides. That is why Tanton network which is a “pro-abortion” group, has been vocal supporter of pro-life Trump.

Check how China daily is promoting the idea that USA is xenophobic and will not treat chinese students well in order to persuade them not to go to USA.


Remember this face of Senator Durbin mocking you and your family at the behest of Iranians and bunch of other anti-USA groups.


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