Ken Cuccinelli was illegally appointed

If I have to pick one of the most incompetent and crazy individuals of Trump administration, it has to be Peter Navarro, the guy whose super power is being a sore loser. I mean the word loser in a literal sense as the guy has lost nearly every election at every level under various parties including the one time Hillary Clinton campaigned for him.

But the second worst individual in Trump administration has been Ken Cuccinelli. The himself got his job illegally. This illegal job stealer was illegally appointed as chief of USCIS. The agency’s back was already broken, good employees had already left and the ruins of this agency was abandoned by the evil Francis Lee Cissna, and handed over to Cuccinelli.

Cuccinelli was widely believed to have misunderstood the job of the very agency he was heading as he frequently mistook it for ICE and often spoke about ICE instead of USCIS. He even gave interviews where he spoke on behalf of ICE about the million deportations (none of which happened by the way).

His tendency to make light of sensitive policies has incensed senior homeland security officials, including the acting secretary, Kevin K. McAleenan, and the acting director of Immigration and Customs Enforcement, Matthew T. Albence, according to administration officials, who spoke on the condition of anonymity to discuss the rising tension among officials. [Source]

In short, he could tell the difference between chalk and cheese and hence could not bring about any change that he actually wanted to. His entire period at USCIS was the most lackluster USCIS performance ever though now Ur Jaddou beats it handsomely in the “being useless” scale.

In May 2022 thought he wrote an article bashing H1B visa holder which is a euphemism for Indian immigrants.

Ken Cucinelli’s rancid rant.

Ken wrote this piece in americarenewing magazine. It is a sad read because Cucinelli is talking complete nonsense. On a scale of 0-10 it is a sold 12 point. He gets the basic facts wrong. Confuses visa and provides logic that was not even sane 200 years ago.

In the midst of the Biden-caused maelstrom regarding border security and numerous other immigration issues, the H-1B visa program quietly continues to serve as a tool for corporate America and big businesses not only to make use of cheap foreign labor at the expense of hard-working Americans, but also to perpetrate fraud and engage in corrupt business activities that elevate profit and power above all other considerations.

H1B visa program is ancient and authorized by Congress. Biden administration has nothing to do with it. Ken Cucinelli himself ran that program as USCIS chief. Most of his decisions related to his USCIS work were deemed illegal by courts from time to time. Putting into question his legal acumen.

The bifurcation of the H-1 program and the broadening of its scope proved an integral tool for Silicon Valley tech startups in the early 1990s to hire variably-skilled foreign workers at a lower overall cost than hiring American labor, and it did not take long for loopholes to be exploited. By 1993, public reporting revealed that the fast-developing computer industry had taken advantage of the 1990 H-1B changes to accelerate their growth at the expense of American workers.

Even the rural bumpkins of Trump wont not believe this. In 1990s American tech industry was not even a major employer. From 1990 to 2000, the growth was much faster and it was simply explosive post that creating very high paying jobs across the board and pushing USA on the pinnacle of success which no other country on earth could even come to challenge.

Guess which was one of the largest acquisition of those period?

On December 31, 1997, Microsoft acquired for $500 million, its largest acquisition at the time, and integrated Hotmail into its MSN group of services.[3] Hotmail, a free webmail service founded in 1996 by Jack Smith and Sabeer Bhatia,[4] had more than 8.5 million subscribers earlier that month.[5]

Sabir Bhatia showed would be the pioneer on the path that others would try to walk on later. He was the new wild west frontiersman of the American tech revolution. Sabir was Indian, studied in Pune and had moved to USA to work for Apple.

But Cuccinelli can be excused for such lies as that it what got him different jobs in first place. Unlike others he does not get his job legally but has to prove his loyalty to his masters to get the jobs he does not deserve or he is not capable of doing.


In 1990, the H-1 program was bifurcated into two separate visas: the H-1A and H-1B programs. The H-1A program was specifically designated for nurses, while the new H-1B program was given a broader “specialty occupation” designation.

He talks about H1A visa which expired in 1995. May be he meant H1C visa but that visa program also ended in 2009.

Ken Cuccinelli then continues to display more of his complete ignorance of the law.

Incredibly, the law also exempted nonprofit organizations from the annual cap. Nonprofits currently account for over 10 percent of the private sector workforce according to the latest data compiled by the National Center for Charitable Statistics.

Not all non profits get such an exemption. Also candidates who get such jobs can work only for other non profits meeting same criteria, thus restricting the visa. It is not same as H1B visa for other tech companies.

The elimination of the H-1B visa program would also stand to improve our national security posture. Continued efforts by communist China and other adversarial nations to engage in espionage through the exploitation of visa programs pose a very real threat. There have been many cases in which spies or assets for such adversarial nations have utilized temporary visas to gain access to American businesses and technology. In the current climate, it is vital that we shut down such valves for the protection of both U.S. workers. Any measure that can be taken to widen the technology gap between the United States and China–or at least hinder China’s abilities to steal our technology–is one worth taking.

All these claims of espionage are completely false. The very reference he provides is of a minor visa fraud and nothing to do with espionage. One of the 3000 people who used services of an “American Citizen fraudster” was “claimed to be” Chinese spy.

But these nonsensical and unsubstantiated claims came from Cuccinneli’s partner in crime (of getting illegal appointments) Chad Wolfe. A completely lackluster and useless DHS acting chief under Trump.

Emphasis in the report on how Chinese spies may be exploiting the OPT program echoes concerns raised by a group of Republican U.S. senators who have called for its suspension, and comments from Chad Wolfe, acting secretary of the U.S. Department of Homeland Security, during an April radio show. The report also cited the case of Weiyun “Kelly” Huang, a Chinese citizen sentenced in June to three years in prison after pleading guilty in federal court to conspiring to provide fake OPT certification to 2,685 foreign students. Central to her scheme was a Mountain View address, authorities alleged. Her indictment claimed one of her clients was a spy for the Chinese government.

A usual this article by Cuccinelli is pure derangement as there is literally zero evidence of any of his claims. When the strongest evidence of espionage is some 20 something chinese kid trying to get a job that pays $20 per hour, you know this is just pure unadulterated Trump flavored BS.

After all this nonsense Cuccinelli articulates his central points with inarticulateness of a 9 year old. As usual these points are unsubstantiated, unrelated to anything he has written and he appears to be pulling them from his ass instead of head.


  • An abusive employer-employee business model; [He does not describe what this abuse is why it might be caused, all abuse is actually due to the fact that H1B visa holders are not allowed to change jobs easily. Something that people like Cuccinelli worked hard to maintain during his tenure as USCIS. ]
  • The removal of the inherent dignity of work in favor of a pure profit motive; [This is as BS as school shootings are caused because bible is not taught in schools argument. Cuccinelli worked hard to deprive people of their jobs. He advocated for ending H4EAD. If he believed there is “dignity of work” then he should support expanding working rights. Also, all companies work for profit and USA Is not some kind of Communist shithole where companies provide work for the sake of work. ]
  • Widespread fraud and corruption; [Again, this is the nonsense all Cuccinelli types keep saying but provide ZERO evidence. There is more fraud in the visa waiver program provided to Europeans where a lot of them simply dont go back in 6 months than H1B visas. ]
  • The intentional exacerbation of the ongoing labor shortage and the continued hollowing out of American communities; and [ Throughout history Department of Labour’s one statistics show that Tech industry has had the lowest unemployment rate and nearly all major American tech employers employ more people outside USA than USA. Oracle for example has 3x more people in India. I don’t know what is this racist garbage about “hollowing of communities” even means. Any place that significant population of Indian-Americans has seen drop in crime, improvement in home prices, quality of life and significant improvements public education.]
  • The elevation of big business interests over those of U.S. workers, families, and communities in the policymaking of the federal government. [ Ken Cuccinelli comes across as the American Karl Marx here who hates companies and pretends to be on the side of “community” which he can not name.]


The more Ken Cuccinelli writes, more he exposes himself as an ignorant individual. It also shows WHY he failed in this illegally obtained job because he had no clue of what job he had.

Furthermore the fact that such low intelligence people can get into high positions in American administration reflects poorly on Trump, his people judgement and GOP as a whole.

Ken Cuccinelli was not confirmed by Congress when that post requires it. His real job was not administration but carrying water for Stephen Miller. Anyone who takes Cuccinelli seriously or publishes is ignorant rants is basically at risk of losing their own credibility.

Plot Twist.

Ken Cuccinelli argued that H1B visas and H2 visas were great visas for USA. He argued exactly opposite only a little while ago. Why did he change his mind ? Because his dog found another bone to wag his tail to.

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