Department of State is forcing Indian immigrants to lie on their immigration forms. (1)

The US-India relationship has seen some love and hate due to Ukraine conflict and Indo-Pacific co-operation between India and US allies. India’s refusal to condemn Russia due to its invasion of Ukraine hurt many in west and at the same time people such as the author pointed out that this is due to lack of credibility that USA has suffered from in India.

USA helped India many times and they could have been natural allies. However USA also helped Pakistan against India and funded Islamic organizations and terror outfits that destabilized Indian border regions. Had USA helped India take care of Pakistan for good, India could have been a strong US ally against China. This was a big failure on part of Americans but more specifically of Henry Kissinger who thought an Islamic Pakistan is a better bet than Hindu India.

American consulates in India are suspiciously incompetent today. 

Indian immigrants have appealed to Office of Inspector General of Department of State to audit and investigate their (DoS) operations in India. This is very serious demand given that it does not happen normally.

The reason for this delay is the constant harassment of Indian immigrants for no good reason. No explanations are provided by the boss Don Heiflin about the arbitrary and capricious decision making process at these consulates which some analysts have described as dictatorial.

Despite president Biden’s declaration that many immigrants are eligible for visa interview waivers, Indian consulates have moved the appointment process to dropbox step (document submission) and then have systematically destroyed appointments. Which means there are no appointments available.

This is done precisely to hurt Indian immigrants and cause them to give up on their American dream despite following all laws.


This is the first time I am hearing from immigrants that the US consulate might be in cahoots with some anti-India elements and engaging in this malicious behaviour much more deliberately while creating exceptions for their friends.

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