Department of State is forcing Indian immigrants to lie on their immigration forms. (1)

Either Indian consulates in India under the leadership of Don Heflin are incompetent or evil because they provide blatantly false information to the Indian immigrants. The exact reason for such subterfuge is not clear but it is important to note that the consulates are liars. You must consult an attorney to get accurate information.

Note that citizenship is irrelevant to diversity visa. What matters is where you were born. If you were born in Nepal but have Indian citizenship you qualify for diversity visa. The website of US consulate in India is providing fake information.

This is not the only instance of them lying. They have done it in past and we have exposed them before.

The lack of accountability is causing such horrendous show of incompetence. If you are living in USA you can help by writing to your Congressperson to demand an investigation in the functioning of consulates in India.


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