Disclaimer: This is an informational post only and we would like to point out that we have nothing to do with Immigration Voice as an organization and we are not related to this organization nor authorized to speak on their behalf.

Immigration Voice will hold its first public Advocacy event of 2022 on June 12-14 in Washington D.C. We expect to have over 350 Congressional meetings to push for turning this bill into law. We invite you like minded interested members who care for the passage of this bill to our 3-day Advocacy event. At this event you will learn from experienced advocates who will provide you with tools and training to effectively advocate for the passage of the bill. You will also learn the behind-the-scenes intricacies about the bill’s progress from experts. Even if you have never participated in the past, you can change, and you can and should speak for your family.

This is an opportunity to advocate for yourself and the community! Go to immigrationvoice.org/advocacyevent and register for the event. The password for the form is 7100713697002858 [Source]

Indian immigrants despite the deep rooted racism against them in immigration law, incorrigible racist politicians like Senator Durbin, nativists like Chuck Grassley, apathetic folks like Dianne Feinstein, incompetent folks like USCIS Chief Ur Jaddou, have managed to spread awareness about how the law and existing federal agencies have been conspiring against Indian immigrations to deny them basic economic freedom. Recently, Department of State too has joined this anti-India charade.

The only was to fix this problem by forcing Congress to change the law. It will happen by convincing decent Congresspeople (yes they exist) to pass necessary laws.

While there are many laws, H.R. 3648 is perhaps the best one with most expansive changes that assure fairness to everyone.

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