Compared to Don Heflin who has been nothing but unhelpful in giving insights into how and why US consulates have failed to adjudicate visas, even for those who are renewing it for the 10th time, US Consul General Hyderabad actually shared pictures of one day worth of passports they need to stamp. From what I can see these are around 1000+ passports.

Now, transparency is key to ensure that everyone understands what the problems are. But US consulates need to go one step beyond. Why do they even have to process this useless and completely redundant paperwork that serves no purpose ? A lot of these people have been living inside US For decades.

US consulates can help by :  

  • Advocating more vocally inside USA against the backlogs.
  • Allowing stamping inside USA
  • Allow people to travel with expired visa stamp as long as they have a valid passport and USCIS i797.

The real issue with American DoS is that they are completely broken. When you spend most of your money and time doing worthless work it wont leave you enough time and money to do real work such as building deep relationship with the guest country.

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