Indian students in USA are treated very poorly. It is not just Indian students but all Indians are treated very poorly.

Indians are subject to racial limits in USA. 

USA passed a law that restricts how many Indians and Chinese can get greencards per year. Out of total 120,000 greencards only few thousand go to Indians. Europeans are given a preference. As a result there is huge backlog of greencard applications in USA.

If you are an Indian student and if you get a job in USA and want to immigrate you have to wait around 150 years to get greencard. Until then you have to jump around all sort of visas which will treat you as second class citizen at every step.

Second class visa. 

As a student on F1 and later OPT you will be called a job stealer, fraudster, cheap labour and so on. If you have to move to H1B then you have to go through a complex lottery and it takes years for USCIS to even renew an existing visa. Often you will not be able to travel to India as Indian consulate too will have backlogs of months.

All your classmates will get their geencards and citizenships before you.


Racism and anti-Indian violence in USA. 

Indian people are often subject to violence in USA. This violence is racially targeted.

An Indian-American teen is said to be in critical condition after suffering injuries in an April 22 incident in Sunnyvale, California, where a driver is said to have intentionally smashed his Toyota Corolla into a group of pedestrians.

The 13-year-old, identified in news reports by her first name Drithi, a seventh-grader at Sunnyvale Middle School, was reportedly the most seriously hurt of the eight people injured in the crash. According to the Mercury News, the girl is in coma after suffering from bleeding and swelling of the brain. [Source]


We have compiled more details around why Indian students should avoid studying in USA. You can read them here.

How American politicians hate Indian – Immigrants. 

Some American politicians such as Senator Dick Durbin are known to be deeply racist towards Indian Immigrants have often worked very hard to hurt Indian immigrants. Indian immigrants even created a website about him.


What are the alternatives ? 

Canada is the most attractive of options today followed by Australia and UK. Canada is much better as their immigration system is not racially biased, there is a much larger immigrant community and everyone is much more hospitable. Unlike US immigration system it is much more welcoming and will not humiliate you.

Where can I get authentic information from Indian students who are already in USA ? 

Comment on this post and I will make sure Indian citizens who have studied in USA will respond to you. You can also see responses by Indian students to handles like these.

Where can I verify that US government is indeed racist towards Indians ? 

You can check how Indian people respond to the twitter handles of US consulates in India.

Where can I learn more about racism displayed by Americans against Indians ? 

Contrary to American government, American people are extremely nice and Indians enjoy lot of respect in USA. The racists are very few but influential. To check American racists discussing Indians you may check these sort of racist portals.

One (No one reads this blog but is a good example of deep India and Jewish people hatred in USA) | Two (Check the comments as this is one of the popular websites) | Three

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