Indian foreign policy is on fire these days. BJP which is India’s ruling party was involved in an Indian television debate where the party spokesperson Ms Nupur Sharma made some remarks where allegedly were insulting to the Islamic prophet Muhammad. Normally such remarks would go unnoticed but for some reason Qatar took notice of this even and summoned Indian ambassador in Qatar. India could have closed this matter claiming this is an internal matter of India however Indian government for some inexplicable reason appeared apologetic.

Some people took advantage of this and engaged in a massive wave of protests against Indian government and Hindus. Interestingly nearly 14 muslim countries issue statements.

In Kuwait some people organized protests and some Indian muslims settled there participated in such protests. It is illegal for migrant workers to protest in Kuwait. Kuwaiti government consistent to their policy revoked visas for all these people and put them into deportation proceedings.

Arab world relies heavily on India’s migrant labor to do ordinary work. Most of these countries their foreign labour as subhumans and denies them basic rights.

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