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Senator Dick Durbin has been at the forefront of derailing any immigration debate in the Senate. He is anti-Indian and is believed to be in the pockets of immigration lawyers who use him to derail any immigration bill that can possibly simplify US immigration.

In past he has made fun of Indian immigrants who were trying to meet him. The above cartoon depicts the fact that Senate Democrats are likely to lose big time in the coming midterms. It is almost certain that both houses will be controlled by Republicans by end of 2022.

Today journalist Pablo got a chance to talk to Senator Durbin about the EAGLE act which is very important for Indian immigrants.

Indian immigrants have been calling his office non stop for several months. Apparently Durbin’s phone never stopped ringing during that time.

Dick Durbin had a long history of sabotaging laws that might have helped reduce racism in immigration law. He is the person responsible for ensuring that DACA children remain in a temporary status and deliberately blew a deal with Trump.

Dick Durbin is democrat but he is deeply loved by the Trump supporting racist right for this very reason.


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