Corruption in USCIS

Since this is a mid year I think it will be great to summarize what Biden administration has achieved on the immigration front. Sadly, it can all be summarized as whats broken still remains broken, some things that worked are now broken and situation remains worse than before.

Biden administration continued Trump policies. 

Under Biden administration the “wall” construction still continues and Title 42 remained in force. Title 42 is a mockery of US law and a living example of the fact that mid level judiciary in this country is now completely partisan.

Record illegal immigration. 

Record number of people are approaching the southern border now. A lot of them are repeat migrants because they were refused asylum due to title 42 before. This has lead to a complete chaos at the border.

Legal immigration remains broken. 

There is no improvement in service quality of USCIS since Biden took over and appointed Ur Jaddou. She has not brought in any major immigration relief and whatever little she tried was mostly ineffective.

Record wastage of green cards. 

Biden administration destroyed thousands of greencards some of which were also diversity visas. Biden administration also argued in court against the immigrants when it could have easily agreed to handle visas for these victims.

Congress remains in deadlock. 

No immigration bills passed this year. Not even token minor changes. Senator Durbin remains incharge of discussions and under his leadership nothing has been achieved.

Executive actions are missing. 

Unlike Trump Biden is scared of using executive actions to deliver on his promises. He has achieved absolutely nothing of his initial promises even when they could have been achieved easily through executive actions.

Botched up Afghan evacuation. 

Thousands of Afghani allies of USA are still in Afghanistan and Department of State is still unable to come up with a process to bring them to safety in USA.

Ukrainian refugees are brighter spot. 

USCIS changed rules and bent laws to help Ukrainians come to USA. Over 15,000 of them have managed to enter USA.


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