Senator Durbin about whom we have written extensively is a wolf in sleeps clothing. He has put himself in charge of all immigration discussions from Democratic side and has created an image of “immigration hero” among the paid immigrant activist groups.

Oddly enough when you actually go through his legislative history it is filled with a massive void of nothingness on immigration. Senator Dick Durbin has failed to pass even ONE minor reform in immigration space in his entire career of 25 years. 

In fact we see Senator Durbin hanging out with anyone who comes to passing something and then derails it with phrases like.

  1. This is not enough we need more comprehensive changes.
  2. This is not the right vehicle.
  3. There are disagreements.

Senator Durbin takes all immigrants for a ride. He likes photo ops and pep talks. This time he has taken this gullible young kids for a ride.

Note that this very man has more than three occasions has derailed reforms that could have helped these kids but now has the balls to come before them and issue this feel good but completely meaningless statements.

Check how people expose him.

Senator Dick Durbin should graceful retire from politics at this stage. He has served long enough and has been a failure. It is under his watch he has failed to come up with any meaningful agenda that would drive the democratic party or unite the nation.

It is the best hope immigrants have. 


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