The nativist crowd is completely deranged these days on matters of border. Sadly, the nativist and Biden administration’s incompetence to reverse Trump era anti immigrant measures has lead to some serious tragedies at the border.

One of them was the 40+ deaths in a hot trailer in San Antonio. These illegal immigrants were probably smuggled in this trailer which for some reason was abandoned in temperatures that went up 100F. Many of them died and hopefully some have survived.


Various republicans blamed this tragedy on Biden’s so called open-border policies. The recent trend among GOP is to simply make a random claim and just repeat it as if it is true just because they said it.

If the borders were open there was no need for these people to come hiding in a trailer. They would have caught a nice bus. Even better taken one of the Greg Abbott’s fancy $10K per seat rides.

The reason why illegal immigration is on rise is because Biden administration has illegally enforced title 42, MPP and various Trump era programs that stops people from coming to border and seeking asylum.

A lot of data says the same. The simpler is legal immigration most of these people will come via these proper routes and then reduce the incentive for smugglers to provide risky options. It also increases faith in law enforcement around border and makes life easy for everyone.




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