A lot of Indian students belonging LGBTQ community are under impression that USA is a good country for them. Often they use student visa to move to USA with a hope that later they might settle in USA. This is a terrible idea.

USA is not safe for homosexual people.

Recent supreme court judgement that reversed Roe vs Wade also ventured into the gay marriage territory. At least one judge hinted that gay marriages might be next on the slaughtering block. States like Texas might then make it illegal to have gay sex.

Indian students wont get green cards and hence wont be able to adopt children in USA.

As it is now widely known USA has per country green card caps. Which means Indian students coming to USA will never be able to get green cards or become US citizens. This will deprive these people of basic dignity and legal certainty.

Future US admins which are hostile to LGBTQ communities as well as anti-immigrant (such as Donald Trump admin) might use the sexual orientation and to target such individuals to cancel their temporary visas such as H1B visa.

The biggest problem however is that if you marry as a gay person since you can not become US citizen you will not be able to adopt children either.

Conservative states might not recognize your marriage either and harass you just for being gay.

No Indian student should come to USA but gay people are more vulnerable.

Now, as we have written extensively on this blog, Indian born individuals have to face discrimination in US immigration system jobs and at the consulates. Unlike say Pakistani or Bangladeshi you will have to renew your visa, refuse promotions and be ill treated at every step by both Republican and Democrats. So you should avoid USA and go to Canada instead.

But if you are gay your troubles are even more. People who are more powerful than you might use your sexual orientation and visa status to exploit you. You might be threatened and you will be scared to approach law enforcement in such cases because as a temporary worker on H1B you have less rights.

A country like Canada on other hand is extremely welcoming of LGBTQ people and even American citizens are moving to Canada because of this.

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