We have written earlier how US Consulates are offering false and misguiding advice to Indian students in order to pimp the US Universities and trapping gullible Indian students. Often they use folks like standup comedians and other students for this entrapment.

The do not tell Indian students that F1 is non immigrant visa and showing “intent” of finding a “job” in USA is enough to reject your F1 application entirely.

Indians in USA does not have same freedom as say British in USA or Pakistani students in USA. All others get their greencards in 2 years but Indians will never get their greencards. Also, Indian students will face additional harassment from USCIS and Department of State which say a Pakistani student wont have to suffer.

Networking and opportunities are not for YOU. 

As an Indian in USA you can only get F1 visa which does not entitle you to work in USA. You might get OPT and then you can apply for H1B visa. However H1B is dual intent visa so if you tell Consulate officer that you want to work for Tesla the consulate officer will reject your F1 visa application as this shows immigrant intent.

Why do US consulates pimp such false info ? 

USA gets billions of dollars from Indian students coming to study there. They want this money but they do not like you as you are a brown person. They want to take your money and then harass you out of the country after you have been milked.

So they do not tell you that you are not allowed to work etc. They create this false impression of a rosy immigration path.

Do not fall prey to this.

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