Indian immigrant community has often pointed out that Senator Dick Durbin of IL is incompetent and yet put in charge of immigration negotiations which he keeps screwing up. Dick Durbin’s racism and incompetence is now for everyone to see.

But there is another liar among the midst of Democratic Senators. Senator Bob Menendez of NJ. As the name suggests his has hispanic roots. But do not get fooled. He has used his name to put himself as some kind of saviour of hispanic immigrants but in reality has worked hand in glove with Durbin to spread lies and create confusion ultimately derailing any chance of immigration reform. He is one of the big reason why DACA kids are still in troubled water.

Sam has exposed his lies from time to time. But this is just one instance.

Bob spread a complete lie that relief to Indian aging out kids is coming by gutting asylum provisions. As usual Bob was lying through this teeth and no such proposal was on the table. Bob Menendez used this lie to spread panic and to hurt the legal documented kids who were aging out.

Bob Menendez lies

Dick Durbin’s spokesperson called Senator Bob Menendez a LIAR albeit in more polite language.

Bob Menendez Lies

Why did Bob Menendez lie so shamelessly ? That is because he is probably working with those countless shady organizations who raise money allegedly to help illegal immigrants but do not provide us any accounting of how it is spent.

Lies of Senator Bob Menendez

As one can see some so called human rights organization is prasing this lying Senator over a something that was false to begin with.

Bob Menendez is their useful idiot who will block any immigration reforms using even plain lies if needed.

This deeply impacts hispanic immigrants in USA.

Senator Bob Menendez is the wrong horse to bet on if you are an hispanic immigrant. The guy has achieved even less than his another lying buddy Dick Durbin. Symbolic messaging bills, confused and conflicting statements, poison pill suggestions to derail negotiations, you can see all those signs.

His deceit has made him unpopular among legal immigrants and everyone finds him untrustworthy. Note that Durbin himself exposed Bob’s lies. Can such person be trusted to negotiate with Republicans ? Probably no.




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