We have already point out the US consulates in India already somewhere between “completely fucked up” and “shit has hit the fan'” mode. This leaderless ship is now sinking to new lows where Don Heflin comes on Facebook live and spreads misinformation.

Don Heflin has not bothered to explain why Dropbox (as the name suggests) needs an “appointment”. Why such appointments are not available, why shady companies are selling appointment slots to immigrants for $1000 per applicants.

Some people thought this was because the VAC does not have enough people to accept forms. It turns out this is false as Consulate now allows applicants to drop their documents off to so many locations.

Some people claim this is because the consulate wants to process the visas in reasonable amount of time. But this is no true either as these neanderthals are taking several months to just produce a simple stamp in the passport.

The consulates are not just broken but the immigrants are justifiably angry and abusive towards the consulates. The hollowed and powerful image of US consulate is now being shattered to resemble a third world over crowded railway station.

It is high time Department of State launches an investigation into possible role of corruption and racism in these consulates and holds Don Heflin specifically responsible.

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