Improve the dream scored an important victory in house as they amendment that would protect legal immigrant underage a children even after they have aged beyond 21 years was successfully added to the defense bill.

When the law was created no on felt the need for such provisions because anyone could get a greencard in couple of years and hence then sponsor their children. But USCIS inefficiency and racist per country caps put Indian immigrants in a situation where they end up waiting for their green card even if they are approved for one for decades. Children of such people then despite having spent all their lives in USA find themselves out of status after age 21.

This is very similar to DACA, except that these children are in the country legally.

Of course, the Trumpian morons like Stephen Miller, Neil Munroe of the fake new publication called Breitbart (who ironically is an immigrant to USA through a marriage visa loophole) and some really low IQ politicians for the GOP.

Here is Stephen Miller, the Jewish anti immigrant who eventually caused the doom of President Trump through his wrong advices, who played a role in recommending that folks like Cucinelli and Chad Wolf etc. be illegally appointed to USCIS and DHS, retweet another rotten brain individual.

The rotten brain individual here is Tom Fitton. He runs a shitty think tank called “Judicial Watch” which is another way of saying he is living off other people’s donated money and not doing any productive work. He allegedly has written a “bestselling” book that no one has head of documenting greatness of President Trump.

This steaming pile of hot garbage was dropped off at my office as an anonymous gift for a donation to an organization (Judicial Watch) I had never heard about or supported in my life. When the first chapter references, “The Deep State”, you know it’s not going to be worth the time or effort. What makes me even more angry about this is the timing. It was ordered a day after I received a response from my senator’s office, who I contacted regarding his hypocrisy and lack of integrity concerning the recent Supreme Court Justice confirmation. [Review of Tom Fitton’s political fiction book]

Both Stephen Miller and Tom Fitton are propagandists for Trump. Not clear what they arrangement is with Trump but they are tweeting someone who works for a propaganda outlet come fake news outrage factory called Breitbart.

Breitbart’s Neil Munroe as far as I know is as anti immigrant as one can get. The incredible thing about Neil is that he is an immigrant himself and not someone who managed to enter USA legally via merit but probably through marriage (I do not know if he is in USA legally or not so don’t quote me on his immigration status).

I will not provide a link to Breitbart garbage on this website.

But the brain rot is not limited to the crazy propagandists from Trump camp. It has also spread among the low IQ GOP congress people as well. As certain “Murica First, intelligence later” politician names Anthony Sabotini tweeted something even more bizarre.

Sabotini is crazy

In a 6 word two sentences (which are written in bad english because Sabotini for all I care might Italian instead of being an English speaking American) Sabotini’s ignorance managed to compress number of lies, ignorance and stupidity.

  1. Everyone subject to the amendment is either outside of USA or is inside legally. No one has broken any kind of immigration (or any other) law.
  2. No one is asking for any amnesty because none of them have broken any law or done anything that is illegal or unlawful.

The Florida State bar might have to relook at this Sabotini guy’s law license because he clearly does not seem to have any grasp of law or might not be able to comprehend English.

Any ways big thumbs up to Improve The Dream for their success. Hope they will succeed even more in Senate.


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