Republican Senator Cramer and Democratic Senator Hickenlooper have introduced the bipartisan EAGLE act in Senate. This bill had already cleared Senate last year but Rep. Zoe Lofgren failed to get it into conference as there was not much time left.

Immigration Voice as usual was at the forefront of this advocacy along with many others.

Zoe Lofgren is championing this bill in House and it has already passed the markup stage.

Can Congress actually pass this bill before the end of the year ? Given the bipartisan support it has and how Trumpian nativists have lost their grip on GOP, the chances are indeed looking good.

“Of course, the Trumpian nativists will continue to spread rumors and falsehoods but we should hold our line and continue the advocacy. ” said one of the volunteers.

“The biggest roadblock is Senator Dick DoNothing Durbin. He pretends to be the leader of immigrants and secretly delays any bills that has a real chance of passing. As long as he is involved, we can not be too optimistic.” said one of the California based techie.

Senator Dick Durbin comes across as easily one of the most despised individual among Indian immigrants and rightly so.


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