Among all the torch bearers of Trumpian brain decay, Heritage foundations ranks at the top but a notch below Alex Jone’s Inforwars and Breitbart. Heritage foundation was once a respectable conservative think tank that produced decent amount of literature around conservative agenda. Post trump this house was overrun with the Trumpian Orcs.

10 years ago Heritage was at the forefront of supporting better legal immigration. Today it is hiring low IQ immigrants to write poorly argued devoid of logic articles against immigration in USA.

One does not even have to read the entire article to realize how poorly written it is as their own summary itself is self contradictory.

Authors argue that illegal immigration hurts legal immigrants (it does not by the way) but then argues that legal immigrants must not be treated better because whatever.

Both authors are basically unemployable policy wankers who are not doing any productive work other than writing this clickbait for Trumpian morons. It probably helps heritage secure more donations from the usual Trumpian voters on ranches but does not advance discourse in any meaningful way.

The retards that Erin and Simon are, they confuse statutory delays with processing delays.

If the border were secure, fraudulent applications were rare, and Citizenship and Immigration Services  could adjudicate benefits efficiently, these age-out scenarios for temporary visas would be far less common.

But beyond that, “temporary” should mean “temporary.” Such temporary visa holders are not—and should not be—entitled to permanent relief.

The age out issues have nothing to do with processing delays. Also, the temporary visa is not temporary for their parents as their parents are approved for green cards, it is just that the racial quotas are forcing them to renew their “temporary” (which by law is also dual intent) visa.

The reality is that this is a war against immigrants and especially against Indian immigrants. Simon or Erin here aren’t some intellectuals but pens for hire who pend down whatever bullshit their Trumpian masters ask them to produce. This bullshit vending machinery must be called out and eventually dismantled brick by brick.



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