In a recent article written by some conservatives for major belt-away conservative think-tank the argument was that legal immigration is same as illegal immigration. The apparently contrasting logic claims that legal immigrants somehow should suffer because illegal immigration is overwhelming the immigration system and unless illegal immigration is stopped legal immigrants should not be given any respite.

The specific issue they were discussing was to allow the H4 dependent kids to  be in USA and continue with their studies even after they turn 21 years old.

The think tank argued that allowing these kids to continue in the same visa (instead of going through a complex paperwork of switching to other visas such as F1 student visa) is “amnesty” even though these kids have not broken any law and somehow these kids legal status is causing illegal immigration at southern border to surge.

Is there any logic in that claim ? None.

But as several twitter users pointed out, the new nativists are trying to blur the so called line between legal and illegal immigrants and calling anyone an illegal immigrant.



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