The nativists are increasingly painting themselves in the corner by engaging in lies and propaganda, and in the case we are discussing right now, targeted their own host party’s Representative Mayra Flores. Is Mayra Flores some kind of odd woman out in GOP ? Well, not in terms of issues she supports. She is a typical old school conservative. Pro legal immigration, anti illegal immigration, pro guns and anti abortions. Then why would Nativists abuse her ?

Mayra was born in Mexico and is a legal immigrant to USA. She is hispanic and very proud to be one. She flaunts her immigrant heritage proudly and as a result she has received support from immigrant organizations and legal immigrants.

Mayra has been singled out by the nativist propagandists that I will not name here for being pro-legal immigration as “amnesty rep, corporate sell out” and such. Some GOP leaders have demanded that constitution be amended to bar people born outside of USA from running for Congress.

Saurabh Sharma, a loophole family immigrant to USA is one of the sepoys in the misinformation campaign. Sharma arrived in USA as a child, got naturalized and then turned super racist towards his fellow Indian claiming they are “flooding” the country.

Some of those people might have arguably arrived in USA before Sepoy Sharma arrived in USA on merit rather than chain immigration of Sharma.

Various anti-immigrant and eugenics organizations use such naturalized sepoys as their front for their propaganda as it helps them hide behind “we aren’t really that bad” argument.

Very similar to how British would often recruit the native population in their colonies in their army and then make them fire on their own people. Or how white masters appointed a house slave who would be in charge of torturing his fellow black slaves to prove his loyalty to his masters.

This is the same playbook that the white groups are using in immigration debate.

Picture of native servant carrying their white master to the hill.

Things have not changed much since then as the natives are plenty to carry water for their masters in order to receive fringe benefits. Also, they are more than happy to lie and engage in propaganda for their masters.



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