To seek political asylum you have to subject yourself to the lawlessness of bog called Border Patrol. An agency gone completely rogue, with no oversight and full of psychos. This is the agency that makes USCIS look like efficient and benevolent. CBP agents so far have been accused of all sort of horrible crimes.

The latest crime they are engaging is in the humiliation and abuse of Sikh asylum seekers from India trying to cross southern border.

North American countries like USA and Canada sheltered a Sikh terrorist movement called Khalistani movement which seeked to create a new nation out of Indian state of Punjab with the help of Pakistan. Over time Canada has become their primary location, despite blowing up an Air India plane in Canada (Kanishka Blast).

These sort of clever games have consequences. Since USA supported Khalistani movement, the Sikhs from Punjab started coming to USA demanding political asylum claiming the Indian state was targeting them.

Now, American government is forced to walk the talk. If it wants to support Khalistani movement it has no option but to also accept the asylum claims of the young Sikh people flocking to its southern border. A classic catch 22.

One way USA has decided to create a deterrence for these people is humiliation. For sikhs their headgear is most important. They do no remove it for anything. CBP agent forces them to remove it and expose their hair.

The intercept has the story:

“They told me to take off my turban. I know a little English, and I said, ‘It’s my religion.’ But they insisted,” the man said, speaking through an interpreter in a July phone interview.

The man pleaded with the officers, who forced him to remove his turban and tossed it in a trash pile. He asked if he could at least keep his turban for when he was released from custody. They told him no. “I felt so bad,” he said.

Border Patrol agents also cut a ribbon that was holding up the third asylum-seeker’s traditional Sikh underwear. Since there is no elastic on them, he was unable to continue wearing them.

“They said it was to prevent suicide,” he said, “but you can use pajamas to commit suicide if you want to. You can use socks. This underwear is important to us.”

Biden administration has taken a stand that the BJP government is India is anti-minority. Biden administration must walk the talk by taking in all the minorities from India as asylum seekers if it wants to walk the talk.


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