Trump has been a prince of lies and conspiracy theories. A man who lacked basic decorum. Romans told us about 12 virtues a leader should show. Trump lacked all.

Trump was a stasis that had set in GOP. He rose to the power by peddling grandiose delusions full of claims that had little bearing on reality. He approached his politics like his business. Involving far too many law-suites, hush-money, rampant allegations and constant foul mouthed propaganda.

They say that when devil walks the blight follows. Trump was followed by several degenerate people. The kind of people who are otherwise unfit to run a coffee shop. Stephen Miller, Rudy Gulliani, Peter Navaro aka Ron Vara and so on. I am not counting in the other no brain zombie followers. Ken Cuccinelli was illegally appointed

People like Ken Cuccinelli or Chad Wolf were outright illegally appointed people who passed off as Trump’s experts.

But even bigger effect of trump was that how otherwise sane people lost their marbles. I wont be surprised of Scott Adams runs naked on streets of San Fransisco tomorrow claiming Trump won his re-election.



I have been telling people that law of Karma will catch with Trump and his coterie.  Nearly all folks who worked closely with Trump administration such as Franscis Lee Cissna, Ken Cucinelli, Chad Wolf, Stephen Miller etc. find themselves either jobless or doing some lowly clerical jobs. Some folks like Miller have started their own “think tanks” which is a euphemism for living off other people’s money.

Donald Trump himself is now facing espionage charges and might end up in jail with several others. Rudy Gulliani is not too far from it either.

There is no divine justice. We have to make it happen in this life and on this earth. Trump’s blatant disregard for law and rules lead to this. Whatever made him think that he was invulnerable made that bastard vulnerable now. He is the proverbial American Hiranyakashyapu who thought he was untouchable but now being molested by FBI in every possible way.

More skeletons will come out of his cupboard now.

Relax, lay back and have fun.


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