Do you remember the time US government setup a fake university to attract Indian students to USA and then claimed they were breaking American law and arrested them ? Yes. That is right. US government setup a university with all proper legal paperwork only to attract students from India, made them fly to USA and later arrested them over some technical violation of some law.

If US government had not made up this fake university the students would have gone to a better university which was legitimate and would have never been violation of any law. There was no way the students could figure out the university was fake because federal government got all the approvals it needed.

Any foreign student who wants to study in USA needs to get a form called i20 from the university. Not all universities can issue i20. Only those universities authorized by federal government after close scrutiny can issue i20. So if you are an Indian student and if you get admission into an university which issues you a valid i20 then it is evidence in itself that the federal government has scrutinized the university of legit university. What should a student do when government itself issues fake papers to them and then arrests these students for enrolling into a university which is later revealed to be a fraud ?

Like all but one of the targeted students, Suraj is from India. “The sense I got was that there’s some anti-Indian bias at ICE, where they felt that Indian people in general were taking advantage of the student visa program,” Suraj’s attorney, Anna Nathanson, told Binion. “I don’t know why the response to that is to make a university which looks totally legitimate, and have people pretextually violate the visa program.”

Entire program was run to steal money from Indian students and then deport them calling them criminals all while the students had no way to figure out the university was fake.

This complex scam run by ICE (A federal government agency often known for its human rights abuses) has deeply hurt credibility of US university system and since 2019, Indian students have preferred Canada over USA.

This is just one of the ways US federal government racially targets Indian students who should avoid coming to USA at all costs.

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