Imagine an Afghan today. Americans asked your help, promised you safety in return but then suddenly left you high and dry in Afghanistan by giving the entire country to religious fanatics and arming them to teeth.

As if that was not enough, Americans ask you to do complex paperwork, submit it in a country like Iran or Pakistan (which wont let you in) and demand money too. Despite all this around 66K Afghans actually managed to do all this and pay in total $20M in fees.

How many of those 66K people are approved ? 123 ! Rest all are pending.

Now compare this with Ukrainians. While Ukrainians are suffering from a terrible war and totally deserve asylum, European countries are already offering them asylum. USA waived fee for these people and declared that they will take in 100K Ukrainians refugees. Over 100K applies, over 88K approved. No FEES.

This should tell you everything that you need to know about the deep rooted racism in Department of State and USCIS !

Why are we posting this ? If you are an indian immigrant or student, avoid USA because sooner or later this racism will bite your ass.




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