Indian government recently issues a travel advisory against travelling to Canada given the anti India violence there. However Indian ministry of External Affairs has failed to issue similar advisory against traveling to USA.

Under the leadership of Joe Biden, India-US relationships have sunk to new lows and US consulates in India have completely collapsed failing to renew visas for Indians who are living in USA for decade plus, thus either forcing them to stay within US borders or leave USA and stay out of USA for good. All because US consulates wont process some routine papers in reasonable period. Reasonable period here means one year. Yes. What use to take 2 days now takes around 2 years of the knuckle dragging nincompoops that US department of state must have hired now.

This is a humanitarian disaster of epic scale as over 200K Indians find themselves subject of this disaster.

The patience of Indian community is hanging by thread with the immigrant community expressing anger, disgust and deep hatred towards this system.

The person running this shitshow is Don Heflin from India. Several immigrants have suggested that the root cause of this total collapse of Us consulates in India might be due to corruption and deliberate racism against Indians. But Don gets to keep his job and no investigation has been launched into him.

How will the anger of Indian immigrants materialize ? One obvious way is the that these people will take themselves and their money elsewhere. Canada, Australia, UK and Germany remains top destinations. But bigger consequences would be that the hatred will be directed towards the Indo-US relationships with increasing opposition to everything American.

For the first time in history Indian immigrants are not supporting Democrats and they have never supported GOP in past. As time goes by we will see a cynical community trying to dismantle the system that treated them harshly.

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