The visa denial to Indians policy has become a form of collective punishment imposed in retaliation for India not following the Victoria Nuland way on S-400 or Ukraine, a path that is leading to trade disruptions, famine, unrest and a looming repeat of the Great Depression of the 1930s. – Source

We have consistently exposed incompetence of US Federal agencies and Don Heflin but the new piece explains who is the mastermind of the real chaos and mess at US consulates in India. None other than incompetent Nanny Victoria Nuland.


A Communist Chinese citizen can get a visa for travel to the US in two or three days, but a citizen of India has to wait two or three years for the privilege. This has been explained away by Secretary of State Antony Blinken as being the consequence of staffing cuts caused by the Covid-19 pandemic. It may be that Blinken actually believes the flimsy lie that he has been fed by those lower down the food chain in the US administration. Those in the know of activities in Foggy Bottom  claim that the policy of visa denial to citizens of India was put on steroids by Under-Secretary of State Victoria Nuland after her Delhi visit that took place early in the year. Not used to having countries outside the Atlanticist group turn down her commands, Nuland inwardly fumed when South Block refused to scrap the S-400 deal and join the crusade against Russia that she has long been a champion of.

The writer Mr. Nalpat is well known foreign policy analyst of good reputation and is the only journalist who has shown the courage to expose the corruption at department of state.

Nuland is an alligator of the swamp. She has been in the swamp since the clinton days was part of the DoS team that tried to put pressure on India due to India’s nuclear tests.

She arrived in India with intent of threat and left without achieving anything. This is her decision to spite Indian Americans who have nothing to do with the conflict and if anything their resolve to spite Biden administration is higher than ever.

It is high time Biden administration fires Victoria Nuland and takes the first step towards rebuilding relationship with India.

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