It has been ample clear now that USCIS, Department of State, officials such as Victoria Nuland worked secretly to hurt Indian immigrants in USA. It is not a secret that Biden administration is one of the most anti-immigrant administration from democratic side, but they are not adopting Trump’s tactics of harassing perfectly legal immigrants through sheer red tape and paperwork.

Biden administration’s anti immigrant credentials might not be known to everyone because the pro-left media is shamelessly shilling for the deranged old man in the white house. But just today he signed a pardon to all the people who are in jail over minor marijuana possession charges. Caveat ? He went out of his way to exclude all legal/illegal immigrants out of it. Not just that he made sure that anyone jailed today wont get pardon if they naturalize later.

But this is just one tip of the iceberg. Victoria Nuland travelled to India in February. Post that USCIS and Department of State secretly made several changes to deliberately target Indians. The first step was to demand an appointment for Dropbox, as the name suggests you could walk anytime and drop your documents for routine stamping. They the simply claimed there are no appointments. There are no appointments anymore which is same as a visa ban.

Indian government must respond 

It is time Indian government gives an appropriate response. Indian government has several practical tools at its disposal which not only will bring light to this brazen violation of law by Department of State but also the fact that it is indeed a political move by Victoria Nuland and her cronies in Department of State.

Step 1: Issue and advisory against traveling to USA as student or visitor or employment visa. 

Since Indian citizens can go to USA and end up getting stuck there and losing their jobs, since US government can change laws around OPT and since Indian citizens are subjects to racial caps, Indian government must discourage Indian citizens from going to USA. This will also save India a lot of foreign currency.

Step 2: Ask PSU banks to treat US education loans as risky loans and high interests for the same. 

This is a relatively simple change that will make education in USA more expensive and hence less students will chose USA.

Step 3: Do a temporary waiver of all employment specific taxes on employers if any Indian who has worked more than 2 years for an American employer returns to India and works from India, up to a period of 5 months.

The reason why large multinationals cant make you work from India is because Indian government wants payroll taxes if the person works more than 4 weeks in India. A temporary waiver would not just be a relief but also more money in terms of expenditure for Indians.

Step 4: Off tax breaks to corporations that employ Indian citizens overseas to help them setup shop in India. 

Bringing talent back to India is in national interest. Giving companies incentive to do that will help India long term. It will also help Indian citizens who want to come back.

Step 5: Ban US consulates pimping the educational scam in all government institutions. 

A lot of institutions like IITs, IIMs etc. conduct workshops at the behest of consulates or affiliated orgs to help students apply for US universities. This must be discouraged at all costs.


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