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Advocates for green card backlog relief are planning a rally in support of the Equal Access to Green Cards for Legal Employment Act of 2022 (Eagle Act) on Sunday in the San Francisco Bay Area. CA4Freedom is behind the organizing action, most of which is happening on LinkedIn and Discord.

Green card backloggers typically operate in anonymity, but their stories are harrowing in a rising ride of press coverage.  San Francisco is an interesting location for the rally because tech companies have a lot to lose if the existing 7% per-country cap on green cards were phased out.

Immigrant workers sponsored on employment-based visas are vulnerable to the businesses that hire them. They also face high barriers to entry into the American employment market where they cannot legally check the citizen box on job applications.

The Eagle Act does not create any new green cards, a distinction advocates hope is not lost on Capitol lawmakers in the upcoming lame duck session. Instead, the bill eliminates the employment-based cap altogether and increases the family-based cap from 7 to 15 percent.  Immigration Voice is an advocacy group at the forefront of pushing Congress to pass the Eagle Act.

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