As we have written in past, US Consulates, US Department of State, USCIS and various universities in USA are running a co-ordinated scam to steal money from young Indian students. Some of these tricks involve things like US Government itself setting a fake university you lure Indian students and then trying to deport them over technicality. Another method is to revoke accreditation of the university after it has taken all the fees from students. Third is to deny appointments at the consulate so despite paying fees student can not to to USA.

A new way to scam is near perfect. Each Indian student who gets admission in USA needs to have a paper called I20. Without this you can not really even apply for F1 visa. What some of the universities are doing is they demand a non refundable amount to issue you this simple form. Note that this form does not cost a penny to issue. But universities charge up to $20K to issue this form alone and it is a non refundable amount.

What happens if the Consulate refused to give visa or even an appointment to apply for a visa? Tough luck! you lose your money.





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