As we have written earlier the bane of legal immigrants, the agency USCIS which has delays that run in years in processing even the most trivial forms has decided to massively increase fees for the forms that mostly Indian immigrants have to rely on. This is a blatant racism and must be opposed.

Note that increase in fees will not come with promise to improve service. This is rewarding failure and incompetence.

We request all our members to write to their member of congress and ask them to oppose this fee increase unless USCIS gives service assurance.

Can USCIS promise to process every form in less than 60 days if they are charging the new fees or return the fee ? 

Here is a sample

Dear Member of Congress,

I hereby write you to protect the interest of your constitution such as myself ____. I am an Indian immigrant to USA stuck in the racial discriminatory quota imposes by INA Act of 1965. Other than being a victim of racial discrimination at the hands of US federal government, the USCIS has decided to rub salt on our wounds by increasing fees for all the processing they subject Indian immigrants to.

Note that due to the backlog, Indian immigrants are the only once who will have to rely on frequent applications to USCIS which then takes months or years to process them without any service guaranty.

This proposed fee hike is unjust given that USCIS is not promising any service improvement. All the service improvement promises are mostly hollow and not backed by evidence.

This is like rewarding incompetence and inefficiency while fleecing their own customers. This is against American values and simply unjust.

I request you to write to USCIS chief Ur Jaddou and request her to either give up on increasing fees or add service guaranty to higher fees.

You have always been a steadfast champion of immigrant rights and I request you do show such leadership one more time.





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