Tech layoffs are all over the news. Clearly everyone is rattled and Indian born individuals have more reasons to worry because of the racial discrimination in immigration law which makes them even more vulnerable.

Here are some words of encouragement and pointers for all of you.

Even if you are not laid off, actively seek employment and interview. 

It would be helpful to have few offers in hand in case you get laid off in next 2-3 months.

Job situation is not as bad as the news makes it out. 

Vast majority of folks laid off are the recruiters themselves and folks in non Eng streams. Indian techies are likely to be in engineering roles which are relatively safer. Total lay offs are less than 30% of new people hired in last 3 years indicating that tech industry has grown a lot and will continue to grow despite layoffs.

Roles are being filled and cash rich companies such a Microsoft, Google, Sony, Disney etc. are preparing to reorient themselves for new economy. Jobs will come.

Filing timely change of status. 

If you lose your job, please do not wait for the 60th day to take action. File change of status application right away if you can qualify for H4, F1, B1, L2 and any other visa and then look for jobs.

Get LinkedIn Premium

Whether laid off or not, get LinkedIn premium. You can get it for free if you know anyone who works there. Keep an eye for jobs related to your job role. Respond to recruiters reaching out.

Do lots of mock interviews and polish your resume. 

Create multiple version of your resume highlighting the skills that match the job description instead of having just one generic resume. For example you might have experience on both React and Angular, but if the job is more about React then your resume should make it more prominently visible.

Do mock interviews with friends and online. Solve leetcode problems. Prepare for behavioral questions.


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