President Biden was termed as one of the worst immigration and border presidents for his refusal to undo Trump policies. Biden’s refusal to quickly roll back Title 42 resulted into massive illegal border crossings, especially by same people coming back again and again as they got expelled under title 42.

Everyone suggested that revoking title 42 and allowing these people to legally ask for asylum would solve this problem. But the Biden’s team had pulled wool over their eyes while the conservative and nativist media went to town with exaggerated headlines such as “Record breaking illegal border crossings ….”.

The tables however has turned since President Biden showed better sense and implemented a new policy. That is to use parole for the folks who apply for asylum. People of certain nationalities can now apply for parole using CBP One app while outside of USA and then can enter USA in a legal and orderly fashion.


A 97% decline in illegal border crossings ! That is a huge win.

It is a shame President Biden is not expanding this parole program for more individuals. President should apply this to aged out H4 kids which are an obvious humanitarian disaster victims. President could also further use this on all the folks who are in a green card backlog due to discrimination based on their birth.

There is no numerical limit nor there is a limit on time period for this parole can be authorized. It is time President Biden uses this more heavily.

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