SB403 is a bad faith California bill proposed by Muslim politician Aisha Wahab. She has support of a hate group called Equality Labs which started off as Islamic group and metamorphised into a Dravidian Hindu hating group. Beside the support of Dravidian politicians, Aisha Wahab is also receiving support from Khalistanis.

How this bill harms all Hindus. 

The bill opens up Hindus for all sort of lawsuites. The bill will be used to target Hindus who are doing well, companies run by Hindus and Hindus in higher positions. A lot of dravidians and caste hate mongers already target someone like Sundar Pichai and Satya Nadella based on their caste on day to day basis.

But isn’t this bill stopping discrimination ? 

No. There is no evidence of caste based discrimination in USA. Most lawsuites supported by hate groups like Equality Labs were dismissed. Indians and especially general category Indians escape to countries like USA to avoid caste based discrimination they face in India through Indian constitution. Even the lower castes people can come to USA and live life without ever having to worry about telling anyone their caste.

Once the SB403 becomes law, your caste becomes important. Your employer might have to collect your caste as well. This makes it easier for bad faith individuals to target people baed on their caste.

Imagine you start a company with your friend and you are doing well. Over time you hire 10 people and reject 20. One of the 20 people happen to be a bad faith actor who might get money from shady groups like Equality Labs to sue your young company for caste discrimination. You end up spending millions to defend yourself or you might spend few thousand to settle. In either case you are the loser.

But why discrimination should not be outlawed? After all such laws exist to protect gays, women, disabled etc. 

The protected categories exist because there is evidence that there is widespread systemic discrimination against these categories. For example even if we  agree that 10% of US society discriminates against gays, it is a huge number of 30 Million people or so. This can cause huge harm to gay individuals. Hence the law protects them.

WE can not say even 1% of US population has concept of caste and perhaps 0.01% of people might be willing to discriminate illegally against other castes. But the law opens 100% of US population for harassment using this law.

For example one might say society discriminates against people with facial tattoos, overweight or bald men. Should we add these categories to protected categories as well ?

What should I do ? 

Write to your local California state Senator asking them to vote no on the bill and oppose it citing that as a member of Hindu community you oppose such baseless, and evidence less bill.

It is a very simple gesture.

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