Dravidian politics is primarily driven by hatred for Brahmins. So much that they take propaganda material from Nazi Germany and replace jews with Brahmins.

What you see here is deep hatred towards Tamil Brahmins. But do not worry, even if you are not a Brahmin but if you oppose them they will call you “Brahmin like” and put you in the same category.

SB403 is an attempt to bring this third world petty politics into the land of Thomas Jefferson and George Washington. The usual culprits are same, the folks who hate USA’s founding principles. A bunch of fart left politicians some of which are immigrants from 3rd and 4th world like Kshama Sawant and Aisha Wahab.

Debunking propaganda around SB403

Propaganda point 1: The bills bans caste discrimination in employment.

SB403 or any other bill can not eliminate “discrimination”. It instead makes employers keep record of everyone’s castes if they are employing a Hindu. Caste will be an important factor to be observed during hiring, promotions and other decisions.

What this means is that everyone, even those who do not believe in caste or do not bother about their own caste might have to reveal their own caste. As a result the workplace becomes “more caste aware”.

The bill further might label castes as “oppressors” and “oppressed”. And if you happen to belong to any caste that the bill labels as oppressor you are assumed guilty by default.

The bill thus makes caste ever more important at American workplace.

Propaganda point 2: If you are not casteist you must support the bill.

This is a classic guilt tripping of gullible Hindus. SB403 applies to all Hindus and based on who you parents were you are automatically assigned your caste. So even if you are not casteist you are treated as one. So, you have to explain and prove to a judge SB403 that you are not a casteist if this bill passes.

Would you like this treatment or would you rather be totally left alone if you are not casteist ?

See how they harassed Mr. Iyer of Cisco over a fake caste discrimination lawsuite.

Propaganda point 3: The bill applies to Muslims, Christians and Sikhs as well. If they do not complain why are Hindus complaining.

Equality Labs has not sued any Muslim, Christian or Sikh yet for caste discrimination nor targeted any of them. They have however specifically gone after Tamil Brahmins. The community that is going to get targeted would obviously oppose the bill with loudest voice.

TSA searches all passengers but it is also true that TSA misuses its powers to harass brown people and muslims even more.

Propaganda point 4: Caste discrimination is wide spread in California.

There is no evidence to this claim. Hindus are a super minority in California. As a result even if caste discrimination was prevalent it would be limited to a minuscule section of society as California is a white+latino majority state.

Any person who fears discriminations always can work with the rest 95% of the society. This means there is no need for a special protected status for caste in California.

Facial tattoos, criminal history, clothing, weight are likely to be bigger factors in discrimination at workplace in California than caste. Why not add all those criteria as protected classes then ?

Propaganda point 5: We stop at this bill.

The anti Hindu crowd sees this bills as a mere test balloon. After this bill they are going to target Hindu temples across USA, dating practices of Hindu youth, Hindu associations and rituals as well.



Online troll Nitin Meshram

The law would open floodgates of further hate filled legislations and lawsuites against ordinary Hindus in United States fully supported by funded by Khalistanis and Islamists.


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